Olivia Greenlee

Let me start of by saying I never knew or met Olivia Greenlee.  Having said that, I did graduate from the tiny college that she attended in Jackson, Tennessee: Union University.  Olivia Greenlee was found dead in her car yesterday morning of a gunshot wound to her head.  Her car was parked in the school parking lot and the gun used to inflict the wound was also in the car.  The incident is under investigation and is presently being treated as a homicide but of course the question is there as to whether this may have been a suicide. Either way, it is a terrible tragedy and my heart truly breaks for the students of Union.

Union is a very small Baptist university in a small town in West TN.  In my four years there I knew nearly EVERY student on campus, regardless of what year they were in, etc.., – We used to joke and call it the “Union Bubble.”  Everyone knew your business; sometimes even before you knew it yourself.  And when tragedies happened, we all felt them.  In my years there we did not suffer any deaths but we have lost several students since then and we still pull together and share the community that we had back then.  I can imagine how the Union students are feeling right now because, even though I didn’t know Olivia, I am feeling it, too.  Overwhelmed with questions.  Why would this happen to such a beautiful young lady who appeared to have a promising future ahead of her?  What could have been done to prevent this?  How does this fit into God’s plan?  Some of these questions may never be answered.  Either way, the Unionites of today are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that all who knew Olivia Greenlee are able to find the answers they seek and the peace they so desire.  God bless Union University!


I dedicate this hymn (sung by Union University alumni, Chris Rice) to the students of Union University:


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